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Slivers of Life: A Collection of Short Stories!

These twenty short stories are a peek into individual lives caught up in spectacular moments in time. Children, teens, mothers, and the elderly each have stories to share. Readers witness tragedy and fulfillment, love and hate, loss and renewal. Within Slivers of Life, Beem Weeks proves that everybody has a story to tell — and no two are ever exactly alike.



Papala Skies Now Available!

Papala Skies is the story of a young woman who makes all the right choices, only to find herself living an unexpected life. It is about yearning for a sense of place, yet having to confront new ways to honor the love of family and friends. Will Rochelle lose what matters most, or might she learn what the smart octopus already knows?



Who Said That? Available Now!

Joseph S. Ajlouny’s Who Said That? The Stories Behind Familiar Expressions has just been released. Surprisingly true, sometimes strange, always fascinating, the stories about whence came these expressions will educate, entertain, and amaze. His second in the series, Figuratively Speaking will be released soon after.



The Hippo Campus Coming Soon!

The Hippo Campus, an educational tween book by Helen Borel, PhD, teaches about the brain and its seat of memory, the hippocampus. Exquisitely illustrated, it offers a terrific way for young people to learn about how they think. Coming soon in laminate hardcover, soft-cover, and all ebook platforms worldwide, the book is widely anticipated in the medical and educational communities.



David Carroll Releases Memoir

Following his successful Chattanooga Radio and Television, David Carroll and Fresh Ink Group release his memoir. Volunteer Bama Dawg collects 60+ of Chattanooga broadcaster David Carroll’s most popular essays, combining humor, history, and tributes to some unforgettable characters.



Mark Herndon Releases Memoir

The High Road (Herndon) Cover Draft 1735 X 2500Country Music Hall of Fame Drummer Mark Herndon and Fresh Ink Group announce his memoir The High Road: Memories of a Long Trip is now for sale in print editions and ebook editions such as Kindle, Nook, & iBook. Subscribe to the FIG newsletter for updates.




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Review of a wonderful children’s book by WJ Scott

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I had so much fun reading this! I wanted a book for my grandkids to read, but I think this is for older kids, or maybe younger if reading to them. I loved fairy stories as a little girl, so I got to feel young again as WJ Scott’s story took me

December 8, 2017

Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

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My name’s Tammy and I started my fight with cancer in 2004 at the age of 34 years old. In one day my life changed and the struggle to survive became very real. I was a C3 colon cancer patient. Here’s how my journey started. I had always had

October 26, 2016


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